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One of the real perks of being a writer is getting to visit in libraries and classrooms to talk with students about the process of writing a book. It is so exciting to get their imaginations fired up and see what we can create together.

There are things you can do as well to make the most of an author visit for your students and for your class time. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of our time together.


Schedule a Visit

I am available for individual presentations and workshops, or for an author day or multi-day session. These can vary in format depending on your class sizes, learning goals and facilities. For presentations, I can accommodate up to 100 students, but workshops are best with smaller groups. To request a brochure with details, please contact me and provide an email address (for a pdf version) or mail address for a paper version.

What I Need

My requirements are fairly simple. I typically use a projector of some kind (yes, I started with overheads but can hook in a laptop or discuss your current system) with a screen or wall and a small table to set my materials on. It works best if lighting can be dimmed over the screen without darkening the entire room. The size of the room and the need for a microphone will depend on the number of students you plan to have attend the presentation. Skype presentations are also an option.

For workshops, tables and chairs help the students work at their best. And if Iíll be there for the day, I enjoy having lunch with the students or teachers. Add me to the cafeteria list!

I do require teachers to remain with their students both for safety and attention issues and to enhance the benefit for the teachers who plan to follow-up on the presentation material. I also provide additional handouts and resources for teachers and librarians.

Book sales are also an option and Iím always willing to sign books that students bring along.


What You Can Do in Advance

The one thing I always hope is that teachers and students have had a chance to read my books before I come. We discuss some of the story content and while Iím always willing to read to the students, itís a full presentation time.

Talk about idioms (a teacher guide is available here).

Go through a variety of picture books and discuss topics, the style of the pictures, how many pages they might have, etc.

As for the rest, itís always fun to see what exciting things teachers and students come up with! Things other schools have done:

An author visit can be an exciting opportunity to encourage your students in their reading and illustrating skills. If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact me!

Request a School Visit Brochure

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