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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Butterfly Lily wants to plant a garden. She knows that all plants need soil, water, and sunshine to grow. She would like to grow vegetables like peas and beans. But she wants butterflies and ladybugs to visit, too. What kinds of plants should she grow?

Her mom said butterflies are attracted to bright colors and flowers that face up towards the sun. Her mom also said the vegetables would be good for their family.

When Lily and her mom went to the store for seeds, Lily chose pumpkins, pink daisies, peas, hollyhocks, poppies and carrots. Then she planted her garden. She could hardly wait to see what happened!

Circle the right answer:

Lily wants to grow:      stronger      a garden      broccoli      older

Write the answers:

All plants need                                   ,                                   , and                                   to grow.

Which seeds that she chose are vegetables?


Which seeds that she chose are flowers?


What else does she hope comes to live in her garden?


Which of Lily's plants do you think butterflies might like best?


Something extra:

If you were planting a garden, what plants would you grow? Why?


Draw a picture of your garden on the back of this paper.

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