"Ha Ha Ha —That's Funny!"

Q: What is a frog's last word?

A: Croak.

Q: What is a dentist's favorite carnival ride?

A: The Molar-coaster!

Pond picture

Q: How should you begin a story about a duck?

A: Once u-pond a time ... (Spencer, age 8)

Q: What does a fish drive at a race track?

A: A go-carp! (Ben, age 12)

U-Turn sign

Q: Why did the ram run off the cliff?

A: He didn't see the ewe-turn!

Q: How can you keep an elephant from sliding down the drain?

A: Tie a knot in his tail.

Q: Who designed the Round Table?

A: Sir Cumference.

Q: How many relatives came to the family picnic?

A: Three uncles, eight cousins and two hundred ants.

Ant Line

Q: What do you call a bee that is hard to hear?

A: A mumble-bee!

Q: Which reptile makes the best police officer?

A: The investi-gator.

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