Class or Family Projects (Be a Giver!)

I have a friend that says one of the best things we can teach our children is that life's not all about us. If you are looking for a project to support with a fundraising effort, a chance to make a difference in another person's life or a way to give to others, these are some organizations that I would highly recommend. We're all capable of giving!

The video link below shows the impact one student or one class can make. Why not work together to make the same difference to someone in need?

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Smile Train logo

As the mother of a child born with a cleft lip and palate, I know first-hand the immediate difference corrective surgery makes. The Smile Train offers free surgeries, training for medical staff and a new life to children and families around the world affected by cleft. And 100% of your donation goes directly into their program!

Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization with the mission to significantly reduce the number of undernourished children in the US and to feed starving children throughout the world. This is accomplished by using volunteers of all ages to package specially formulated, nutritionally complete meals that reverse the starvation process and the effects of malnutrition. Through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide, food has been distributed in over 40 countries.

Africa Oasis Project

This faith-based project is addressing the critical need for safe and clean drinking water in Africa through wells and water reclamation systems.


"At Aidchild, we are strongly committed to saving lives in the only way that anyone can: One-by-one, One-at-a-time." Aidchild creates and directs very special homes, clinics, academies, and microbiology laboratories to serve the needs of orphans living with AIDS in Uganda who do not have the support of extended families.

ConKerr Cancer

This award-winning group, founded by Cindy Kerr in memory of her son, supports children and families coping with life-changing illnesses by sewing simple pillowcases to bring cheer and comfort. A great opportunity for a home-ec class, church kids' club, 4H club, or a sewing circle. - Give to public schools! lets teachers decide what will most benefit their students and classrooms. You can choose a project to support by age, theme, location or a range of other options. A great idea to help teachers and students succeed!

USA Together

This organization works to link American individuals or organizations with the specific needs of veterans that are recovering from an injury or injuries sustained while on duty in the various military services. These men and women gave of themselves for us - here's a chance to give back.

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