Additional Links of Interest

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a marketplace for teachers to share their lesson plans, classroom ideas and other original teaching resources with each other. Lots of inexpensive (and plenty of free) ideas to help your lessons along.

Rainbow Readers

Do you have a child or student that struggles with dyslexia or other reading challenges? Teacher and reading specialist Carol S. Fitzpatrick has worked with struggling readers for over 30 years with encouraging and exciting results.

Bookshare: Books Without Barriers

If your child or student has a disability that affects their ability to read, check out Bookshare, an online digital library supported by the U.S. Department of Education that gives free access for students with qualifying disabilities to over 43,000 books. Bookshare legally allows reader members to share books that might not be accessible otherwise. They can also point you to some assistive technology tools for alternate reading strategies.

Krazy about Kiddos (a teacher blog)

Teacher Amy lets you peek into a first grade classroom with this fun blog. Classroom crafts, lesson ideas and lots of pictures too!

bNetS@vvy: Tools for Adults to Help Kids Connect Safely

Technology is changing and growing as fast as our kids are, and this site offers tools to help kids age 9-14 enter the online community safely with input from experts, teachers, and families that share a concern for protecting our children.

Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers

Find an author or illustrator that lives in your area, see background information on its members and advice on school presentations.

Margriet Ruurs

Margriet offers valuable guides for optimizing the fun and learning of an author visit to your school. She is also founder and editor of KIDSWWWRITE, a web magazine that publishes writing by children.

Green Crayons

This blog article talks about a company that recycles crayons. If you're in the Conneticut/New York/New Jersey area, it's worth checking out!

JacketFlap has more information on your favorite writers, illustrators and publishers. Check out my page there!

Valerie Coulman —writer & artist on Facebook!

A news feed of interesting links, some of my current projects and more.

Podcasts and more...

When Pigs Fly on TVOKids

In May 2008, When Pigs Fly was part of Gisele's Big Backyard as a feature read-aloud story. Would you or your child like to hear Gisele read When Pigs Fly? Click here. (You might have to peek in the archives.)

A Pig Tale

In "Dana's Dailies", I found this life lesson based on When Pigs Fly.

Interview with Valerie Coulman

In spring 2007, the county I live in closed all its public library doors. I spoke with Mark of Just One More Book about the importance of libraries and about writing.

Bovine Backbone: When Pigs Fly

A fun review of When Pigs Fly. Just One More Book is a fabulous resource of interviews, reviews and more for children's books and the people that read them.

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