My speaking engagements range from school visits to writing conferences, teacher seminars to art workshops, children’s festivals to women’s groups. I enjoy meeting with people and hearing their stories along with sharing my own. Here's some of the ways I've spent time with students, writers, and artists.

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School Visits

How Many Hats?

A 45-55 minute highly interactive presentation that looks at six of the careers involved in making a picture book. Includes a story-writing session and a variable Q&A session. Grades K-6

The Building Blocks of Language

Using a popular building block system as a visual aid, we look at the different "building blocks" of sentence and story structure. Grades 3-6. Presentation can be expanded into workshop sessions.


Artists In Schools

Pictures form some of our first connections to reading, and art can be a big part of supporting literacy. Besides, it's fun!

It has been my pleasure in the past to work with the Arts Council of Southern Oregon as part of their Artists in Schools (AIS) program. Through that time, I developed a two-week Artist's Residency program for use with a single classrooms, or as a school-wide adventure. As a writer and an artist, it is very exciting to have the opportunity to provide art instruction and support literacy skills at the same time.

Contact me for more information about an art residency or illustration presentation options.


To request a school brochure, contact me or click here to learn more.

Writing Seminars & Workshops

The Picture and the 1,000 Words

An interactive session that demonstrates and practices the mutual support (or lack thereof) between text and illustrations in picture books using past and present examples.

Shining at 700 Words

How do you keep your writing tight while still conveying all the necessary information? Whether in picture books, magazine articles or book chapters, it's necessary to recognize the pitfalls and perks of making less be more in your writing.

What I Wish I’d Known Then: Writing for Children

An overview workshop covering the fundamentals of writing for children — business basics, drawings and mockups, the children's writing market, and doubling your income as a children's writer.

Beyond the Book

It takes more than just a writer with a publisher to create a memorable book. Award-winning author Valerie Coulman shares some tricks and tips to spread the word and create an audience for your writing.

5 — no, 6 — Ways to Revise Your Writing

Revision or self-editing is key to making your writing sparkle. Valerie Coulman presents a variety of techniques to add the shine to your writing.

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