Stack-Your-Own Taco Salad


Taco salad is one of my favorite summer suppers. It's a balanced meal with a definite fun factor. And the best part is, everyone can make it exactly the way they like!

Preparation level: Adult supervision — sharp edges, hot surface involved


Brown and prepare the beef or turkey according to the directions on the taco seasoning package.

While the meat is cooking, put the various salad toppings in bowls and prepare the veggies. Kids can certainly help tear lettuce, put the cheese in a bowl or chop the tomato or pepper if you have a safety knife for them to use.

When the meat and toppings are ready, have each person put a layer of tortilla chips on their plate to begin. Then top with meat, cheese, lettuce, veggies, sour cream, and all your other favorite toppings.

That's it! Grab a fork or use your fingers to dig in and enjoy. Serves 5-6.

(Pssst - it also works well for large groups because it can be served buffet style. Just adjust the amounts for the size of your group.)

*To dice an avocado, here's what I do: Using a sharp knife, cut the avocado in half, working around the large seed in the center. Then twist the avocado to separate the halves. "Chop" the knife into the seed (stick the sharp edge in) and twist to remove (it will come out attached to the knife). Then take the tip of the knife and cut a grid pattern into each avocado half. Use a spoon to scoop along the inside edge of the avocado rind and - tada! - diced avocado.


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